International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 126

Front Cover: Ceropegia fusca in habitat in Tenerife – Photo by Kono Tadayoshi
Back Cover:
Stapelia leendertziae – Photo by Alan Butler


  • Butler, A.: Editorial
  • Bosma, W.: Highlights from Tanzania
  • Frandsen, R. M. I., Aditya, S.: A new Boucerosia from Odisha state eastern India
  • Walker, C. C.: Stapelia engleriana the "iceberg" species from southern Africa
  • Al-Hawshabi, O. S. S., Ghani, A-H. A.: Ceropegia seminuda comb. nov. (Apocynaceae = Asclepiadaceae) and notes on sect. Duvalia species of Ceropegia in Yemen
  • Tadayoshi, K.: My Favourite plants
  • Tadayoshi, K.: A Journey to Malpais de Guimar, Tenerife