International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 85

Front Cover: Rhytidocaulon fulleri Lavranos & Mortimer pictured in habitat nar Port Raysut in Oman - Photo by Gerhard Lauchs
Back Cover:
The 1000 m high cliffs at Shaat, Oman. Habitat of many interesting succulents, including Adenium obesum, Echidnopsis scuttelata var. dhofarensis, Aloe whitcombei, Kleinia saginata, Cibirhiza dhofarensis, and probably a new aloe and two possibly new species of Kleinia - Photo by Gerhard Lauchs


  • Butler, Alan: Editorial
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Hargreaves, Bruce J.: How many species of Adenium are there?
  • Jonkers, Bert: Is Caralluma edulis a mosquito-pollinated stapeliad?
  • Lauchs, Gerhard: The Danes as Matchmakers, New Hybrids of Ceropegia distincta
  • Meve, Ulrich: Tylophora conspicua, a pantropical African liana of Apocynaceae-Asclepiadoideae
  • Bruyns, Peter V.: A Note on the monotypic genus Eustegia
  • Hammer, Steven: Loaves, Fishes, and Flies
  • Niemeier, Werner: Queen of the Asclepiads - Edithcolea grandis N. E. Brown from East Africa
  • Sönnermo, HÃ¥kan: Growing difficult Asclepiads, (or are they all difficult?)