International Asclepiad Society

Asklepios 112

Front Cover: Musca autumnalis (Muscidae) visiting flowers of C. europea. Photo Pietro Zito & Maurizio Sajeva
Back Cover:
Stapelia glanduliflora – Photo by Alan Clark


  • Butler, A.: Editorial
  • Zito, P. & Sajeva, M.: Caralluma europaea on Lampedusa Island
  • Aditya, S.: Caralluma pauciflora, an endemic Caralluma taxon from India
  • Aditya, S.: Further notes on Caralluma adscendens v. carinata and v. geniculata
  • Green, T. & Kloppenburg, D.: New species of Hoya from Fiji Hoya desvoeuxensis
  • Hargreaves, B.: The real Edithcolea in Bakersfield
  • Collins, P.: Notes on some Edible, Medicinal and Magical Xerophytic, Tuberous or Succulent Asclepiads and a Firework (part two)